Jyotishya, the Indian astrology is popularly referred to as Vedic astrology. This is not because it is there in the Vedas. However, it is one of the Vedangas, i.e., limbs or branches of Vedas, and dates back to the Vedic period. Several remedial measures prescribed in the Indian astrology are as per the Vedic system. Hence, it is called Vedic astrology. According to the Karma theory, the progress of the soul is based on three essential macroscopic parameters. They are: The Karma acquired from your past life, the karma you acquire by virtue of your actions in your present life and based on these your future life.

While believing in Karma, the Hindu way of life does not advocate total fatalistic dependency on Karma, but believes that with will and efforts one can change ones destiny and can rise to great heights. That is why the ancient seers have give us guidance tools like astrology, palmistry and also given us tools to improve our life.

According to the scriptures our life has four broad aspects - Dharma or right living, Artha or the monetary aspect, Kama or the desires and finally Moksha or spiritual progress and liberation. Astrology is used as a guide to study the destiny of an individual and gives remedial measures to improve it.

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