Gemstones & Planets

The word “Indradhanush “means Rainbow. As colours of rainbow our body is also made out of seven hues. They are known as the 'Indradhanush' in the Shastras. These hues ought to be in parallel sums in our body. In the event that any shading is insufficient, our wellbeing will endure. We should then infuse beams of the insufficient shading into our body by methods such as wearing specific gems, which grabs the concerned planet's shading beams and transmits them into our body. Planets are in various hues and each emanates beams of its own shading to the Earth.

The Earth has more noteworthy gravitational power than alternate planets. Because of this gravitational power, an immense measure of vast beams of the planets falls on the earth. These beams fall on individuals who live on earth. Such beams create many consequences for physical and mental states of individuals. By uprightness of these impacts, numerous episodes happen in his life. Each occurrence including a person is an impression of musings as it were. As his idea may be, so will be the episodes. Consequently the nine planets by methods for their enormous beams impact human personalities and through, making great and misfortune them. Wearing of a fortunate Gem will not simply changes our misfortune into great, but rather additionally cures our evil wellbeing and realizes accomplishment in fund, business, occupation, instruction, and marriage, and gives genuine feelings of serenity. Old books on medication like Bhava Prakash, Ayurveda Prakash and Rasa Ratna have additionally portrayed the esteem and utilization of Gems. It is trusted that gems can cure a portion of the deadliest illnesses.